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Benefits of Sponsoring

Your sponsorship goes towards the education, food, clothing, medical and basic necessities of the monks in Tana Monastery, India who are trained to be sincere spiritual practitioners in accordance with the Buddhist monastic way for the vast benefit to humanity in the future. Sponsors will get blessed by daily morning and evening prayers of Green Tara (Goddess of compassion) and Mahakala (Protector prayers of Tana) performed by the monks at the Monastery’s shrine. In addition special monthly Dakini (female deities) and Guru Rinpoche (founder of Tibetan Buddhism) pujas. The daily prayers are performed by the monks of Tana Monastery for the removal of obstacles and fulfillment of worldly and spiritual goals for the sponsors.

Milarepa sings of merit of donors:

‘when a skillful meditator meditating in the wilderness and a skillful benefactor providing the wherewithal come together and this connection leads to both gaining Buddhahood, but what gives this link its greater meaning is the dedication of the merit’


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Latest form as of 25-April-2022

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Jang Tana Thegchok Norbu Chosling Monastery