WESAK DAY 3rd MAY, 2015


We are very blessed to have Venerable Tana Tulku Pema Rinpoche
with us this Wesak. Rinpoche was due to return to his Monastery in
India but we requested Rinpoche to stay for the Wesak to enable all of us
to generate merits. It is believed that any good deed done during this
Wesak, is multiplied a million times.

Wesak day is the most important day when Buddha Sakyamuni was born,
enlightened and attained Parinirvana. It is believed that soon after the
Buddha was born, he took 7 steps to all four directions and each step he
took there appeared a lotus where he stepped. He then pointed his finger at
the sky and proclaimed that he had come to save the world. The angels
also came and bathed the Buddha and thereafter robed him. To signify this
we are having the bathing of the Buddha to accumulate our merits and
purify our negativities on this most special and auspicious day that our
merits will multiply and be more effective than the normal days. We would like
you all to join this special day as whatever funds we raise on this day will
be sent to the Nepal earthquake relief fund. Tana Tulku Pema Rinpoche and
the monks will be doing the Medicine Buddha, Green Tara pujas for all those
who are suffering and monlam for all those who perished during the
earthquake and lamp offering. Please donate generously; any amount is

The purification and pujas will commence at 10am – 12noon on 3rd May, 2015.
Vegetarian lunch will be served.

Please wire or bank in your donation to:

Tana Dharma Society
Hong Leong Bank Account No: 045-0100-3887

Please email your donation to kathryntana@gmail.com.

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