Announcement 26-June-2015

Dear Friends,

Namaste. Hope you all are doing fine, today is HH 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley’s birthday, a very auspicious day for HH. Most of the Karma Kagyu Monasteries and Centres are doing pujas and making offerings on this auspicious day. On the home front, the Karma Kagyu Centre in Seremban is also hosting the Karma Kagyu monlam (world peace prayers), which is much needed at this degeneration age.

Just a short update, Ven Tana Tulku Pema Rinpoche was here in April/May and we managed to have some teachings on Chenresiq, did the 100 Dieties pujas etc. On Wesak Day, Rinpoche did special prayers for the Nepali earthquake victims, lamp lighting and bathing of the Buddha. All the proceeds obtained from the Wesak Day was donated to the Nepal earthquake fund to help some villagers in a remote, mountain area. Some pictures of these events are posted on Tana’s website, Please view them if you have time.

We are holding a third Charity Dinner for the monks of Tana Monastery on 13th September, 2015 at Sime Darby Convention Hall, donation for the tables are priced at RM2,000, RM3,800 and RM8000. The focus of this charity dinner to build the Shedra (institute of Higher Learning) and the retreat centre. This plan was hatched 12 years ago when we held the first charity, unfortunately during that time, the priority was the monks quarters. The monks have now grown and we are not able to put off this project any longer, the Sangha have to move on with higher studies. The present and small shrine and make do classrooms are not able to accommodate them anymore. We thank you sincerely and appreciate the help you have given us through this journey, and once again we ask for your help to sponsor this Charity dinner, the details are in the leaflet attached.

As Rinpoche is here for this Charity, we have taken the opportunity and requested Rinpoche to conduct an Amitabha Retreat, the details are also attached. Very little literature or teachings are given on this topic and if one suffers a death in the family like I did, is good to know and practice with confidence.

We look forward hearing from you.

Always in our Prayers,
Tana Dharma Society,

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