Saka Dawa Lamplighting and100 Dieties Puja

The Tana Monastery India will be doing the lamp lighting and 100 Dieties Jang Chog Puja on this auspicious Saka Dawa full moon day on 2nd June, 2015.  Prayers for Nepal earthquake victims will also be done.

Brief on Saka Dawa month


The fourth month of the Tibetan Buddhist calendar is called “Saka Dawa.” “Dawa” means “month” in Tibetan.  The ‘Saka Dawa Festival’ commemorates Shakyamuni’s Buddhahood and the death of his mortal body.
 It is the special month in which the Buddha’s conception, birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (Death) all occur. In particular, the full moon day, or 15th day, of the fourth month marks the holiest day in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the day of the Buddha’s Conception, Enlightenment, and parting into Nirvana. It is auspicious to perform meritorious activities on this specific day. It is believed that any merit generated from virtuous activities increases 100,000-fold on this day in Saka Dawa and Gods in the heavens are believed to descend to the mortal world on this day. This year, that day comes on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.  (In Indian tradition, this month is called Vaisakhi and the full-moon day called Buddha Purnima. Sometimes, due to a discrepancy in the solar and lunar calendar, the celebration of the Buddha Purnima and Saka Dawa can differ as much as one month.)
It is an opportunity to do something for the deceased and karmic debtors during this very auspicious period. Prayers and lamp lighting will be held for the Nepal earthquake victims as well.  If you wish to participate in the 100 Dieties prayers, please submit the name of the deceased or the living donor’s name for karmic debtor.  The donation for the puja of any amount is welcome.

100 Dieties Puja 



Name of Donor

100 Dieties Puja

Deceased Name (IMO)  or just indicate ‘karmic debtors’ 

Amount  (RM)


Annie Lim  IMO Paul Lim 50.00


Annie Lim
 Karmic Debtors 



         Maybank Account:   0143-5650-6977  (for easy online checking of remittance)

Account:   Leong Poh Chwee

Once you have made your remittance, please don’t forget to inform Poh Chwee (at the remittance details by Sunday31 May 2015.  Most importantly due to time constraint, please let Poh Chwee have all the donors names first so that she can viber/email them over to India latest by this Sunday evening.

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