Dzambhala Puja 28-June-2014

Namaste.  Tulku Pema Rinpoche will return to the TDS residential centre at No. 5, SS17/2L, Subang Jaya this Saturday 28th June, 2014.  We have humbly requested Rinpoche to perform the Dzambhala puja for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Venue:           TDS Centre

                        5, SS17/2L, Subang Jaya,



Time:              7.30pm


Date:              28th June, 2014

Dzambhala  “is God of Wealth and appropriately a member of the Jewel Family (Ratnasambhava).  Dzambhala  is also believed to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion to guide sentient beings along the path to enlightenment. They have the essence of generosity and represent the activities of increasing benefit. Their aspirations are to help the poor and those suffering from ill-fortune.

Dzam” means “Deity or gathering”. “Bhah” means “gold or wealth”. “La” means “to honor”. “Dzambhala” means “Precious Golden Deity, who gathers or brings the wealth of spirituality or Dharma and material security or accomplishment to our lives”  The practice is to  help eliminate poverty and create financial stability.

Om Jambhala Jalendraye Svaha

Practitioners should generate the altruistic intention of compassion (Bodhicitta), and practice generosity. It is said the practice can remove poverty within the six realms and increase one’s merits, wisdom and lifespan. All their material and spiritual needs will be met.


You can encourage to participate in this puja by being present for the well being of all and especially oneself.   


On a separate note, a generous donor have offered an upstairs shop lot in Petaling Jaya to TDS, rental free as a Centre.  We had engaged an Architect to do up the plans which would include a Shrine,  Lama’s room and office and practice area for pujas, teachings and with the blessings of Rinpoche we hope to get our own residential lama soon.   As it is an old building currently used as a store, we need to do quite a fair bit of renovation and we are looking for donation and pledges to meet the renovation costs since Rinpoche is here to advise on the plans etc.  Tulku Pema Rinpoche have personally pledged RM10,000 for the renovation costs, you are invited to participate in this most precious and merit generating cause to  benefit all sentient beings in the fast approaching dark age.

With lots of Prayers,


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