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1008 Shakya Muni Buddha

1008BuddhaIn order to propagate the Buddha Dharma and to benefit all 1008 sentient beings, we have 1008 Buddha Shakyamuni Statue (8 inches) in the main Shrine Hall of Tana Monastery (in India). The sponsorship for each statue is RM 688.00.

We humbly seek your most generous support in this project. Your kind donation would give the Sangha a more conducive environment for them to learn and practise the Buddha Dharma.


The Buddha said: “In future when sentient beings make offering of Buddha statues, the amount of merits is equivalent to making offering to me”. Offerings and prostrations made to the Buddha Statues are the same as being done to the Buddha. They become immediate cause of enlightenment, alleviate sufferings, induce happiness and bring about a good rebirth in many lifetimes.

One gains the merits as long as the Buddha statue lasts and would also gain merits whenever others pray to it. Therefore, those who contribute to the virtue of building the Precious Buddha Statues would receive immeasurable merits and bonding with the Buddha.

Contact Address:

Tana Dharma Society

No. 5, Jalan SS17/2L,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-5632 6103 Fax: 03-5632 3995


All cheques should be crossed and made payable to:


Account No.: 045 01 003 887

Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Subang Jaya Branch

Click here to download the 1008 Shakya Muni Buddha Sponsorship Form in DOC format.
Click here to download the 1008 Shakya Muni Buddha Sponsorship Form in PDF foramt.